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Happy Birthday Birgitta – Birgitta Walsh
Birgitta Walsh

Happy Birthday Birgitta

I just wanted to say, Happy Birthday to Birgitta. Happy Birthday to  this wonderful woman, this awesome human being that we had the blessing to know.

Today the anniversary of her birthday, it’s just bitter sweet to think how much we love her, how much we miss her, how we miss her happiness and all the wonderful moments of laughter and enjoyment that we had with her. I just would love to tell her today how much she meant to us.

I woke up today to the thought of how blessed Birgitta was from the very beginning of her life. Blessed with the beautiful place and beautiful family she was borne into (the great stories we heard about her mom, her dad and her brother), blessed with the opportunities she had as a young woman to travel, she was able to discover the world at a young age, blessed to marry a wonderful man that treated her like royalty…like a “Contessa”, even better, they lived a great life. Blessed to enjoy motherhood surrounded by four beautiful daughters Christina, Lisa, Suzanne and Maria and later on by the granddaughters that came along to make her proud Chanelle and Jade. And the many more people that came into her life just because she was always ready to enjoy life and to share it with others. Blessed to travel and live in so many places and to find the joy and flavor in every place she called home.

Those are some of the many gifts and blessings Birgitta received from God. I know she knew that.

She lived a great life, she lived a true fairytale.

So I thank God for the opportunity to meet her and for the opportunity to touch and be touched by her life as little as might have been, I’m just grateful to know that God was with her all her life and that He blessed her throughout the years with the beautiful gifts that He presented her with.

I hope each and every one of us learned to live our lives the way she did, accepting and enjoying the gifts God puts in front of us every day. So Happy Birthday to You… Birgitta.

Love Maria & Jack
Amigos para siempre!

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