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Birgitta’s New Adventure – Birgitta Walsh
Birgitta Walsh

Birgitta’s New Adventure

Together, over the last year Birgitta and I devised a plan. She did not want a funeral, No church ceremony.  Her wish was to have her ashes spread in places we lived that she loved and a few very special places with memories we treasured, So the remainder of 2014 will be spent fulfilling her wishes. On April 29 I am off to Europe. I will visit England, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden. We had decided to leave Israel and Korea off the list. In each place I will, at times joined by one of our daughters, spread a small portion of her ashes. Mostly in bodies of water that flow on which she can continue to travel for eternity. Later in the year I will visit the US places we lived and enjoyed together. In December I, again with one or more daughters, will go to New Zealand and place her in the Bay of Islands National Park we enjoyed so much from our living room window for six months for the five years we were privileged to live there. Probably the most beautiful view of them all.

This site will be a record of my efforts to meet my wonderful wife’s request. I will add a record of my travels and provide pictures that will tell the story of this amazing trip we will make together for the last time. But, as you will see, she will continue to travel for eternity. Please join us on our final adventure and feel free to add comments and share your memories of my beautiful Contessa.

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