Birgitta Walsh

Sharing the Joy

(from Dad)

As I go through the things Birgitta left behind, I find treasures that should have been shared.  Each one is a window into the mind of this wonderful woman.  As I discover them I will do my best to assure that they are enjoyed by family members and friends who truly deserve to see the depth of her mind, her love of life, things, people, places, and her world view we all knew about but never fully understood.  The joy she took in seeing, knowing, and sharing everything around her, every minute of every day.  God, what a jewel she was.

Sharing:  A Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh and A Love Between a Mother and Daughter is Forever by Patricia Wayant

One thought on “Sharing the Joy

  1. Mary Lou Thomas

    I knew Brigitta back in the 90’s when we were neighbors on South point on Sugarloaf. I ran a duplicate ridge group at the lodge and she loved to play. she was very precise and took her bridge seriously. we lunched and visited together, and after she moved, kept in touch sporadically. I was sorry to learn that she had died. I moved back to Pennsylvania in 2012 and am in a retirement community near my oldest son, Mark.
    Rest in Peace, old friend.
    Mary Lou Thomas

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